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Cambuquira mineral waters

Cambuquira Mineral Waters are the main tourist attraction of the city, with more than 6 fountains of different types. These waters have excellent results in the treatment of many skin diseases and digestive and intestinal disturbances, besides stimulating the functions of many organs and serving as esthetic therapeutic material.

In a Vip Exam magazine research article, the sparkling mineral water of Cambuquira was classified as the 2nd best place among all the existing mineral waters, behind only for Ty Nant, originally from Netherlands.

The Water Park

In the Water Park there are five city fountains that possess curative elements:

* Regina Werneck sparkling fountain: Indicated in cases of chronic or accurate nephritis, dieresis, hepatic gastritis and inflammation of the biliares canals, angio-collitis, intestinal colon cystitis disorder, dermatoid intoxication, eczema, secretion stimulant and gastric matricide. It was elected the America's best Mineral Water.

* Dr. Fernandes Pinheiro ironed fountain: Tonic by itself, anemia, caquexias, linfatismo, astemia, convalescence of accurate molesters. Not indicated for people who are sensitive to congestive states.

* Comendador Augusto Ferreira magnesium fountain: Stimulant of the renal function, rheumatism, obesities, uricemia, litíase, colitis, pialitis e pielonifrite.

* Dr. Sonsa Lima sulfur fountain: It cures the dieresis when it is used during fast; colitis, gastritis, acidity, stimulant do peristalsis of the intestines.

* Roxo Rodrigues Fountain: Lightly sparkling.

* Marimbeiro Fountain: Digestive disturbances, rebelled colitis, litíase, hepatic dysfunctions. The fountain is located two kilometers from the center city and it offers six water sources.

Mineral Water, which has a high value-curing factor, can be consumed periodically and they have to be drunk directly from the source, because they lose part of their curing elements after some hours of having been taken from the source. After the meals go for a moderate walk. Keep in contact with the nature by practicing, if it's possible, outside sports.

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